Bad Wolves @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 7th October 2018

After being in hospital with a severe viral bronchial infection, singer Tommy Vext returned to the stage to join his bandmates for their show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in what was a hugely triumphant return. Unless you had known about his recent hospitalization I don’t believe you would have been able to tell. Without messingContinue reading “Bad Wolves @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 7th October 2018”

Skindred @ Boiler Room, 8th November 2018

As the quartet make their way on stage, the crowd progressively gets louder in their excitement. A few squabbles seem to break out behind me as people grab and rip each other out of the way in a bid to get to the front of the stage. It was pretty damn ruthless. The ringmaster ofContinue reading “Skindred @ Boiler Room, 8th November 2018”

The Prodigy @ Alexandra Palace, November 2018

You can tell that there are 10,000 people at Alexandra Palace. As the curtain drops and the song Breathe booms, the crowd erupts screaming, dancing and singing. As always with a crowd this large, you can see everyone trying to get closer to the stage. Which would have been a fruitless effort, as from whereContinue reading “The Prodigy @ Alexandra Palace, November 2018”

Benny B – ‘Move Fast’

This track features more of an electronic, indie and dance vibe and I really like it. Again, referring to the Billy – Not Over You EP, there are elements in there that are similar but not totally the same. I enjoyed that over time the track builds and adds more elements to it. This doesn’tContinue reading “Benny B – ‘Move Fast’”

K’O Qua – ‘Niagara’

This track has a lot of what most rappers use nowadays. The same type of beats with the higher more intricate notes repeated throughout the track. The rapping itself isn’t bad though, but I really wasn’t a fan of the lyrics I’ll be honest. It kind of raps and lists all the reasons I don’tContinue reading “K’O Qua – ‘Niagara’”

Strong Maurice – ‘LETUDOWN [Jxckal REMIX]’

The track sounds with what sounds like wind blowing before chilled keyboards and drum beats start to match the smooth autotuned vocals. The track begins to build but just as it seems like it will reach an explosion it breaks down into what it was like at the beginning with the drum beats a littleContinue reading “Strong Maurice – ‘LETUDOWN [Jxckal REMIX]’”

Faceless Sage – ‘Long Nights Short Days (Produced by Young Taylor)’

The song starts off slowly before quicker beats are introduced at the same time as the rapping. This track is short at 2:22 and it’s kind of a hit and miss in areas of the song. Towards the middle is where the track gets better due to the bars getting much quicker, but the backingContinue reading “Faceless Sage – ‘Long Nights Short Days (Produced by Young Taylor)’”

Michael X – ‘Anthrax’

This one took me by surprise in the beginning. It had some mellow smooth jazz and I don’t ever get sent anything like that – much to my disappointment. However, just as soon as I began to enjoy the jazz it disappeared and changed, met by uncomfortable and somewhat disturbing sounds that make your hairContinue reading “Michael X – ‘Anthrax’”