Prescription Addiction : Hip Hop’s dependence on drugs

Music and drugs have long since had a close and interlinked relationship. From early drinking songs harking back to viking times, to hippies prancing around a field with faces full of hair and heads full of acid, drugs have always played a vital role in the development and influence of music. It may be unclearContinue reading “Prescription Addiction : Hip Hop’s dependence on drugs”

Taylor Swift Is Dead, Marketing Genius?

Resurrection: So, it’s the 18th of August 2017, and there is a black out of all of Taylor Swifts social media accounts – no Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, there is no sign of any previous albums, singles, tours or promotion. Even her official website was greeted with a blackout. All gone. Is the old Taylor dead?Continue reading “Taylor Swift Is Dead, Marketing Genius?”

The Rise of the Visual Album

Over the past several years streaming sites such as Spotify have become increasingly popular generating a lot of different types of publicity for musicians and their music, meaning that the art of a simple video that would previously be shown on MTV or  YouTube are starting to look slightly outdated as the public are debatablyContinue reading “The Rise of the Visual Album”

Top 10 must-see acts at Electric Castle Festival 2017!

Electric Castle is a five day Festival in Romania, inside the walls of a 15th Century castle. Encouraging great music, great food and booze from prices as low as just $2. Summarising what you can imagine to be a great summer atmosphere. Each year the Festival announces a handful of some of the best acts. This year the line up includes aContinue reading “Top 10 must-see acts at Electric Castle Festival 2017!”


We’ve all seen the stories, paparazzi becoming aggressive in order to get their stories and all in the name of money. Following celebrities endlessly and provoking them until they lash out. This is something that is a known tactic for the paparazzi to use because these stories will sell and everyone wants to hear newsContinue reading “[FEATURE] MEDIA BRAWL – WHEN WILL IT END?”


It must have been frustrating following the career of Hype Williams. With memory of life prior to the internet feeling increasingly foggy, any fact which isn’t a quick Wiki search away begins to be treated with the utmost contempt. How dare you not divulge accurate information? What do you mean you’ve joined the nation ofContinue reading “[FEATURE] FROM HYPE WILLIAMS TO BABYFATHER: THE FORM DEFYING ART OF DEAN BLUNT”


Everybody is a fan in some way. It doesn’t matter who the person is or what they do, we all have our preferred celebrities. But what happens when it inches over the line towards a dangerous obsession? On the 25th of February, Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco had to move out of hisContinue reading “[FEATURE] THE DANGERS OF BEING A CELEBRITY”