FEATURE: Fans of Pop Music Are Some of the Most Abusive People on the Internet

Last week saw the SoundCloud release of their new single, The Mechanism. Featuring The Friend Within, the song adopts a new grittiness to add to their already well attained house sensibilities, a step away from the ever impending pop-iness of their portfolio is not unwelcome.

FEATURE: Vaporwave, what is it and why should you care?

It’s 2014, and to the ears of the discerning listener musical progression and the notion of music tribes has arguably reached a point of stagnation. Genres and scenes don’t originate in the same way as they used to, Post-Punk was a musical revolution, while Post-Dubstep was largely considered a joke.  But why is a new form of unityContinue reading “FEATURE: Vaporwave, what is it and why should you care?”

FEATURE: 2013 REFLECTION – Brice Detruche’s albums of the year

5. Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit This, ladies and gentlemen, is the third album of a man who for the past few years has single-handedly revived a long-gone genre. Liquid Spirit is an incredibly honest and liberating album, one that will make you smile and shed a few tears too. Gregory Porter composes songs of extraordinary emotionalContinue reading “FEATURE: 2013 REFLECTION – Brice Detruche’s albums of the year”

FEATURE: Fangirls Need To Cool Their S**t

Have the fans finally gone too far? You wouldn’t expect small bands like Blessthefall to have fangirls who are just as crazy as the One Direction fans. I went to see an American band called Blessthefall twice on their recent UK tour and it really shocked me to see that even smaller bands are gettingContinue reading “FEATURE: Fangirls Need To Cool Their S**t”

FEATURE: Are Bands Exploiting Fans?

Meet and greets are a nice idea, and it might make it seem like a band cares, but that might not always be the case… Fancy meeting your favourite band? Well, how much money do you have? Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn has recently come under attack for charging $80 for a meet and greetContinue reading “FEATURE: Are Bands Exploiting Fans?”