Industry Honours National Album Day

Today celebrated the first-ever National Album Day. Retailers, radio stations and record labels alike took to social media to honour the 70th birthday of the album. calls for the ‘biggest album playback’, asking all music lovers to play their all-time favourite album from beginning to end starting at 3:33 pm. According to the NationalContinue reading “Industry Honours National Album Day”

Danitsa wins her first prize at the Swiss Music Awards 2018

Danitsa wins her first prize at the Swiss Music Awards 2018 On Saturday 9th of February, young rapper/singer Danitsa from (GE,CH) walked up the stage of the Swiss Music Awards to receive her prize for her album ‘EGO’ released last November. Winner in the ‘Best Act Romandie’ category, the young French, Serbian, Chad, Congolese andContinue reading “Danitsa wins her first prize at the Swiss Music Awards 2018”

Taylor Swift Is Dead, Marketing Genius?

Resurrection: So, it’s the 18th of August 2017, and there is a black out of all of Taylor Swifts social media accounts – no Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, there is no sign of any previous albums, singles, tours or promotion. Even her official website was greeted with a blackout. All gone. Is the old Taylor dead?Continue reading “Taylor Swift Is Dead, Marketing Genius?”

The Rise of the Visual Album

Over the past several years streaming sites such as Spotify have become increasingly popular generating a lot of different types of publicity for musicians and their music, meaning that the art of a simple video that would previously be shown on MTV or  YouTube are starting to look slightly outdated as the public are debatablyContinue reading “The Rise of the Visual Album”

BBC Amplify Review

Marking 10 years of BBC Introducing, Amplify became the first music convention of this size to take over the Excel, London with over 100 sessions and 250 guest speakers. It homed a variety of masterclasses, performances and Q&A’s making it valuable for all musicians and anyone willing to pursue a career in the music industry.Continue reading “BBC Amplify Review”


Not too long ago we were saying goodbye to Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog Magazine as Team Rock were to be no more. In a series of fortunate events however Metal Hammer has been bought, saved and will be returning to the shelves of your local retailer on the 10th of February. Their comebackContinue reading “METAL HAMMER ARE RETURNING!”

The Sun Mugged Off By Cabbage

The Sun, you know that pathetic excuse for a news source? Well they decided to create a band and artist ‘top tip for 2017’ list, very similar to the BBCs. To add to their accumulation of mistakes, they decided to put Manchester band Cabbage on their list, this was their response: I think their wordsContinue reading “The Sun Mugged Off By Cabbage”


Hailing from the streets of Tottenham, Joseph Junior Adenuga, an English grime MC who goes by the stage name SKEPTA, has won this year’s mercury prize for his Konnichiwa album. The first time I listened to SKEPTA’s music was in 2011. Driving in a car from the airport to a home in Dagenham, I heardContinue reading “FROM THE ROADS TO THE BILLBOARDS… SKEPTACULAR!”