Bad Wolves @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 7th October 2018

After being in hospital with a severe viral bronchial infection, singer Tommy Vext returned to the stage to join his bandmates for their show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in what was a hugely triumphant return. Unless you had known about his recent hospitalization I don’t believe you would have been able to tell. Without messingContinue reading “Bad Wolves @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 7th October 2018”

Skindred @ Boiler Room, 8th November 2018

As the quartet make their way on stage, the crowd progressively gets louder in their excitement. A few squabbles seem to break out behind me as people grab and rip each other out of the way in a bid to get to the front of the stage. It was pretty damn ruthless. The ringmaster ofContinue reading “Skindred @ Boiler Room, 8th November 2018”

The Prodigy @ Alexandra Palace, November 2018

You can tell that there are 10,000 people at Alexandra Palace. As the curtain drops and the song Breathe booms, the crowd erupts screaming, dancing and singing. As always with a crowd this large, you can see everyone trying to get closer to the stage. Which would have been a fruitless effort, as from whereContinue reading “The Prodigy @ Alexandra Palace, November 2018”

Florence + The Machine @ The O2, Wednesday 21st November 2018

On Wednesday night, Florence + The Machine conquered the hearts, bodies and souls of every single person in The O2, with a magical and emotional show in Welch’s hometown. Opting for a more neutral and calmer look with a wooden décor and warm lighting, the beautiful Florence introduced her pure, cleansed and calmer-self, opening theContinue reading “Florence + The Machine @ The O2, Wednesday 21st November 2018”

Insecure Men at Scala

A dimming of lights, hush of music and a roar of the crowd indicated that Insecure Men had entered. Amongst the shadows, a determined voice yelled “Can we have some lights on the stage, so we can see what we’re doing?” With this, a rolling green light revealed a musical extravaganza: a vibraphone, slide guitarContinue reading “Insecure Men at Scala”

Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe

Looking over the sea of wrinkles that was the crowd, it was clear that no one here, save the little boy playing on his parent’s or maybe even grandparent’s iPhone, was under the age of 25. A mass of pale bald scalps filled the room while the odd aroma of old spice mingled with ale,Continue reading “Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe”

Shy FX at The Rainbow venues: Crane

There is a place, on Bowyer street, in the heart of Birmingham, that by daylight shows to be nothing more than a derelict building. A monument to the history of the city, it melts inconspicuously into the background, never showing its true face until the cowl of night smothers the area and the hordes ofContinue reading “Shy FX at The Rainbow venues: Crane”

Gig review: Giraffage (SF,USA) at the Jazz Café, Camden

Last night, Charlie Yin aka Giraffage held a gig at the Jazz Café in Camden. The well-known address welcomed many talented artists who indubitably increased its notoriety: from Jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders to Amy Winehouse, the restaurant/club hasn’t stopped providing local and international talents venues to their visitors. Just like the talented producer originally fromContinue reading “Gig review: Giraffage (SF,USA) at the Jazz Café, Camden”