A$AP Rocky – “Sundress”

A$AP Rocky has always expressed an interest in the psychedelic genre, and this new track teases that perhaps it is a channel he is keen to explore further. Sampling his ‘Testing’ feature producer Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala), Rocky delivers a shimmering anti love song in his usual smooth as butter style, effortlessly flipping hipContinue reading “A$AP Rocky – “Sundress””


Dropping this trap lullaby, that busts crystalline rhymes with an off the heezy 808 drum & bass and sweet piano chords, Artem Chekh, aka RAIDER, this young MC shows the flaming rise of a new urban okrug scene in Ufa, the highly techno-logical capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Russia, in which “gang lifeContinue reading “RAIDER – “MAMA MIA””

Successfully expressing his feelings, The New Consistent releases his new single “3 Years”

A new release from The New Consistent demonstrates the potential of spoken word artist, Ben Ramsey.  “3 Years” succeeds in being a sweet and soulful confession of the worries and doubts that surround romantic relationships. This release comes about two months after their self-titled track, “The New Consistent”, and the tone is slightly more mature.Continue reading “Successfully expressing his feelings, The New Consistent releases his new single “3 Years””

Chlöe Howl – “23”

Sectors of light reflect from disco balls nailed to the ceiling, shimmering onto the faces of optimistic teenagers at their very first prom. As a teenager, you fantasise what it’s like to grow older and become independent, wishing away youth like an old friend you no longer wish to associate with. ’23’ sparks the realisationContinue reading “Chlöe Howl – “23””

PREMIERE: Gabi Garbutt’s ‘Lady Matador’ and Ezra Furman cover, release date 20th April

After the success of previous single “Armed with Love,” Gabi Garbutt is set to release new track “Lady Matador” on 20thApril with a cover of Ezra Furman’s “Teddy I’m Ready” as the b-side. Once again she has worked with Sean Read to produce them, they both show off her personality and versatility as an artist.Continue reading “PREMIERE: Gabi Garbutt’s ‘Lady Matador’ and Ezra Furman cover, release date 20th April”

Insecure Men at Scala

A dimming of lights, hush of music and a roar of the crowd indicated that Insecure Men had entered. Amongst the shadows, a determined voice yelled “Can we have some lights on the stage, so we can see what we’re doing?” With this, a rolling green light revealed a musical extravaganza: a vibraphone, slide guitarContinue reading “Insecure Men at Scala”

Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe

Looking over the sea of wrinkles that was the crowd, it was clear that no one here, save the little boy playing on his parent’s or maybe even grandparent’s iPhone, was under the age of 25. A mass of pale bald scalps filled the room while the odd aroma of old spice mingled with ale,Continue reading “Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe”

Shy FX at The Rainbow venues: Crane

There is a place, on Bowyer street, in the heart of Birmingham, that by daylight shows to be nothing more than a derelict building. A monument to the history of the city, it melts inconspicuously into the background, never showing its true face until the cowl of night smothers the area and the hordes ofContinue reading “Shy FX at The Rainbow venues: Crane”