My First Moustache @ 229

After traipsing around Great Portland Street, passing many lively pubs and some great street performers, I found where I was supposed to be, the venue, 229. The entrance was a tunnel that slopes into the ground below pavement level —  a sub-pavement grotto. This portal was guarded by a tall man swaddled in a thickContinue reading “My First Moustache @ 229”

What ever happened to….all of the record stores?

I was stood awkwardly outside 53 Rupert Street in Soho. Maybe 30 years ago, I wouldn’t have looked quite so strange donning my bulky, black Sony headphones and an unironed Rolling Stones t-shirt. But here I am in 2018, gawking through the glossy windows of the pint-sized Italian restaurant that calls itself ‘Mister Lasagna’. RupertContinue reading “What ever happened to….all of the record stores?”

Drowning in a Glitching Genesis of ‘Memories’ with Sonic Jesus

“You’re a distant memory in the mind of your creator, don’t you see?” That’s what a Jesus Alone whispers when he walks through the autumnal path of his life. Strolling through 36 subterranean paces from their debut album ‘Neither Virtue Nor Anger’, the Roman hermits, Marco Baldassari, Marco Barzetti, Tiziano Veronese, collected engraving inches ofContinue reading “Drowning in a Glitching Genesis of ‘Memories’ with Sonic Jesus”

Future blues hits London

Grammy-winner Fantastic Negrito will be headlining the weeklong Future Juke Festival in London tonight. Xavier Dphrepaulezz aka Fantastic Negrito will be bringing his fiery brand of raucous blues-rock to Dingwalls, Camden tonight (June 1). This is blues as it always has been – a visceral howl against modern conditions. It’s taking the traditional idiom andContinue reading “Future blues hits London”

PREMIERE: Gabi Garbutt’s ‘Lady Matador’ and Ezra Furman cover, release date 20th April

After the success of previous single “Armed with Love,” Gabi Garbutt is set to release new track “Lady Matador” on 20thApril with a cover of Ezra Furman’s “Teddy I’m Ready” as the b-side. Once again she has worked with Sean Read to produce them, they both show off her personality and versatility as an artist.Continue reading “PREMIERE: Gabi Garbutt’s ‘Lady Matador’ and Ezra Furman cover, release date 20th April”

Insecure Men at Scala

A dimming of lights, hush of music and a roar of the crowd indicated that Insecure Men had entered. Amongst the shadows, a determined voice yelled “Can we have some lights on the stage, so we can see what we’re doing?” With this, a rolling green light revealed a musical extravaganza: a vibraphone, slide guitarContinue reading “Insecure Men at Scala”

Prescription Addiction : Hip Hop’s dependence on drugs

Music and drugs have long since had a close and interlinked relationship. From early drinking songs harking back to viking times, to hippies prancing around a field with faces full of hair and heads full of acid, drugs have always played a vital role in the development and influence of music. It may be unclearContinue reading “Prescription Addiction : Hip Hop’s dependence on drugs”

Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe

Looking over the sea of wrinkles that was the crowd, it was clear that no one here, save the little boy playing on his parent’s or maybe even grandparent’s iPhone, was under the age of 25. A mass of pale bald scalps filled the room while the odd aroma of old spice mingled with ale,Continue reading “Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe”