Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe

Looking over the sea of wrinkles that was the crowd, it was clear that no one here, save the little boy playing on his parent’s or maybe even grandparent’s iPhone, was under the age of 25. A mass of pale bald scalps filled the room while the odd aroma of old spice mingled with ale,Continue reading “Justin Currie and The Pallbearers at The Jazz Cafe”


Ex-FUN. bassist Bleachers has dropped an entirely female-fronted, re-recorded version of his debut record, roping in Carly Rae Jepsen in the process. Woman-of-the-moment Jepsen appears on LP stand-out Shadow, a sun-kissed synth re-work of Bleacher’s guitar riff laden original with Jepsen’s sweet and charming vocals turning the track into something that would blend in wellContinue reading “[TRACK REVIEW] BLEACHERS – SHADOW (FEAT. CARLY RAE JEPSEN)”