Interview With Ugly Frontman, Samuel Goater

Ugly are a four piece indie rock band from originally from Cambridge. They have an eclectic sound, with surf rock riffs, as well flamenco style rhythms. I talked with Samuel Goater who is the band’s frontman. Me and Sam met in a coffee shop, he was sat waiting with his legs crossed reading a slightlyContinue reading “Interview With Ugly Frontman, Samuel Goater”


Blending moderate rock with a subtle ambience, Sunderland trio One Man Revival have already made a name for themselves in their local live scene, boasting reviews of highly-energetic performances and an unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic. Last year saw the release of the band’s debut album, Ordinary World, following four years of relentlessContinue reading “[INTERVIEW] ONE MAN REVIVAL”


2017, it’s the start of a brand new year. For most, it’s the time to crack on with those new years resolutions, but for some, it’s the anticipation of festival announcements. It’s hard to avoid them right now – Download, Bloodstock and Reading and Leeds have all announced at least one headliner, and with thatContinue reading “[FEATURE] THE DEVOLUTION OF METAL”


It’s a Tuesday night and I sit across from Eric Arikan in his favourite bar in his hometown, Ulm. He’s sipping on a coke while he looks around the room with a thoughtful look in his eyes. It’s late now and the Motörhead‘s tunes playing in the background have now changed to gentle Beatles. TheContinue reading “[INTERVIEW] ERIC ARIKAN”


Rising stars Vinyl Staircase want your attention and they’re ready to put in the hard work to get it. Vinyl Staircase members Mike Thorpe and brothers Luke and Jake Andrews talk amongst themselves as we move away from the venue where the band played a storming set of psychedelic and guitar driven rock earlier thisContinue reading “[INTERVIEW] VINYL STAIRCASE”


Reggae Rockers, Jeramiah Ferrari, talk new directions, their embarrassing moment with UB40 and Butterfly Sex Bongs. “Sex bong”. Bass player Hanson Pollitt completes the song title after I had left the word ‘butterfly’ hanging over the conversation. The table instantly erupts in laughter as the other band members remember one of their earliest efforts, Butterfly SexContinue reading “[INTERVIEW] JERAMIAH FERRARI”