Majid Jordan – The Space Between (Album Review)

Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman complete the Toronto duo Majid Jordan – a group who have grown with the guidance of being signed to Drake’s OVO label. This relaxed second album of theirs solidifies a pop-R&B groove we know as their own. A phrase like ‘The Space Between’ often refers to a period ofContinue reading “Majid Jordan – The Space Between (Album Review)”


This catchy, sultry and smooth track opens Drake and Future’s new album What A Time To Be Alive. Hip-hop artist Future teams his solid lyrics with the soft-spoken verses that rapper Drake is known for to show the individual aptitudes of both of the artists. With its dark, siren droned beat and the repetition ofContinue reading “[TRACK REVIEW] DRAKE & FUTURE- DIAMONDS DANCING”